Tuesday, March 29, 2011

RAOK #10

Clearly I'm not reaching my goal of doing one RAOK per week but I'm making an effort regardless. Today I left $20 for the dry cleaners clerk to apply to the next patron's bill. She was a little uneasy about holding the cash, wondering if she'd get in trouble with the boss for doing such a thing. Of course I figure as long as they're making their money, it doesn't matter who it comes from. And ultimately she decided to participate because she felt like it was "a good thing". Her only other concern was that it go to someone worthy. I told her it didn't matter. It's random. And while whomever the recipient is may not need the financial help, they may be in need of an emotional lift today. Hopefully $20 will improve someones spirits today, or maybe restore a little bit of faith in mankind and all the while, save them some money on a much overpriced service.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today I ordered a bouquet of fresh spring flowers to be delivered to a dear friend who lives 300 miles away...just because she deserves it!