Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Family, Holidays and a Child's Innocence

Not unlike what most people experience, the end of the year bring about a time for reflection. I find myself doing more and more of that every single day and not necessarily when something momentous occurs and here lately, my mind has been very active.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I had 4.5 days with family. I was productive, I shared time with my husband, my kids, my parents, my in-laws, etc. I spent time on the ranch and watched my kids climb on hay bales, marvel over baby calves and watched wild cats climb pieces of wood with the freedom and grace of a gazelle. I spent time at my parents home and watched my husband fish in the pond. I spent time with friends, shopped, drank wine and ate good food. I prayed. I'm grateful, my cup runneth over.

And today my son turned 10 years old. I don't normally get emotional about such celebrations. My mom always taught me that we parents spend our lives preparing our children so we can bless and release them. And yet this one is hard for me for whatever reason. It's double digits. It means that he has fewer years remaining in my household than he's had with me thus far. It means he's approaching the teenage years. And even at his birthday party I was amazed at the transition he and his friends are going through. They all came with their iPods, iPhones, etc. and yet they weren't too cool to play hide-n-seek, Army men, or go to a PG rated Christmas film. I am so incredibly proud of my little man and I cannot wait to share the next decade watching him grow into a man. I am so proud. My cup runneth over.