Monday, March 31, 2008


Mamma Sandy's 29th Birthday

Here's a picture of my mother-in-law on her 29th birthday! We had a nice gathering at the house with Jason's parents, sisters, my parents, grandma and our dear friend T.G. and her kiddos. Oh, and don't let me forget that Kara's friend Lauren and also her BOYFRIEND Gannon were here. Yep, you heard it. That sweet little baby that was born a short 13 years ago (almost 14) is officially dating. It's amazing how quickly I forget the joys of an adolescent crush. I keep asking her if he's a good kisser but she won't tell me. Doesn't a sister-in-law have a right to know?
I feel sorry for Kara's future husband. He will have two men to impress, her Dad and her middle aged brother. At least we hope he'll be middle aged by the time she marries...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

Easter was a good time. We met up for Easter lunch at my Aunt Lori's house and before we left, I demanded a family photo. It's been at least 7 years since this same group took a picture together. As you can see, we're a small but friendly bunch. If you were to compare this with a family picture of Jason's you'd notice a significant difference in the size of our families. My mother is one of three children and two of them had only one child and Lori had two. So, this photo includes spouses and two great grandmothers and we're still a small group. But our size is no indication of the amount of love we share. I'm very blessed to have these people in my life.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day 5 of Vacation

The plane ride home...good times were had by all!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day 4 of Vacation

Outlet Shopping & Sea World
Today was another full day. Jason departed early for a baseball game and the kids and I took our time getting ready and then set out for the San Marcos Outlet Mall. I was determined to get some "Me" time in on this trip. I'm not complaining, I mean I've thoroughly enjoyed the smiles I've seen on my kid's faces but I still wanted to do some shopping. San Marcos was about 50 minutes away so I had to be strategic with my shopping and unfortunately, I had to hurry because I needed to be back in time for Sea World. Up to this point, San Antonio traffic on HW 410 hadn't been light so I was even more so concerned with my timeline.

I successfully bought from Nike, Gymboree (which was a rip because they weren't that discounted), White House Black Market and L'Occitane. Then we went by the Food Court for some non fried food (thank God) and headed back to San Antonio. We made it back with about an hour to spare before Jason returned and we left again for Sea World.

Sea World was a blast and Shamu was impressive as always. The kids each got a stuffed dolphin and Dakota scored a light up sword. I got the greatest action picture of them on the Shamu roller coaster for a measly $12.99 (WHAT?!?!).

My camera's non action shot.

Beluga Whale & Girl

Seymour at the Cafe.

A child's reaction to the Sea Lions.

Day 3 of Vacation

More Baseball & the San Antonio Riverwalk

Today started off a bit more lazy than yesterday. The kids and I chose to skip the Junior Varsity game and just slept and hang out at the hotel until about 1:30 p.m. We walked to the pool but the water was still way too cold to be swimming. And the weather here is far cooler than I expected to begin with. It was cloudy almost all day and it sprinkled and/or rained on and off most of the day. We did make it to the second baseball game of the day where the BTW Hornets lost 6 to 4. It got real cold towards the end of the game so the kids and I stayed in the car while they finished the game. They were pleased that they could climb all over a car and not get in trouble. Got to love a rental car.

Speaking of rental car, Jason hit a rent-a-fence with the car! He just simply did not see it (no shit). Well I freaked out because of the noise and him slamming the breaks and then he laughed because I guess my reaction was hilarious. Thankfully it didn't so much as scratch the car but I was convinced there was a $1,000 dent in the damn thing.

Anyhow, after baseball we came back to change clothes and then we headed off to the San Antonio Riverwalk. We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant which was a nice change of pace from the Wendy's we've had nearly everyday. And the best part was an after dinner boat ride on one of the river boats. Our boat was named Miss Emily.

The kids enjoyed the ride despite not being able to fully understand the tour guide due to his accent. But their enjoyment also wained once the rain set in. Thankfully the boat driver pressed the throttle a little faster but not before we were wet and cold. We all ended up laughing hysterically because we were held captive and cold no one was paying attention to the tour guide anymore. I don't think he appreciated it when everyone was laughing and talking over his presentation...especially the part about how he accepts tips for a job well done. Oh well.

Here are a few pics from today's journeys.

Elle & Derrik at dinner.

Me & Doc (photo courtesy of Dakota)
Rain, Rain, Go Away!
Dakota checking out the architecture.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Day 2 - Family Vacation

The Zoo, BTW Baseball and The San Antonio Spurs Game

Today started off early with breakfast at the Ramada Inn (note: we were not able to take advantage of five star lodging during this trip) and then we were of to the zoo while Dad golfed. The San Antonio Zoo was impressive and even I had my breath taken away by the Hippos. I don't recall ever seeing one in real life and these were pretty up close and personal.

We made it back in time for a luxury dinning experience at Wendy's and then headed off for the baseball game (which the BTW Hornets won 5 to 4). After baseball we hurried back for a quick shower and then jetted off for the Celtics vs. Spurs game. It was my first NBA game and while I found it to be entertaining, it was challenging to see all the action from the nose bleed section. And Elle fell asleep well before the end of the game so I enjoyed the effects of a lack of circulation to my arm from holding her. But oh how I enjoyed the snuggles. Here are a few pics of today's journeys.

One of the amazing hippos.

The Zoo Train

At the baseball game with their new friend Derrik.
Spurs lost by 2 points at the buzzer.

Day 1 of Vacation

San Antonio Bound...Day 1 of the 2008 Family Vacation

The bus ride down to San Antonio.
Gaming at Dave & Busters.

Our 2008 family vacation destination is San Antonio. Doc's baseball team was headed south to play baseball against some Texas teams so we elected to tag along for a mini family vacation. Dakota rode the bus with the team and his daddy while Elle and I took a direct flight to San Antonio. She was such a trooper, lugging around her princess suitcase and walked nearly 100% of the time. I was SO thankful because I was lugging my purse, her backpack, my suitcase and a car seat. I really don't know how single parents do it and I applaud them (on my feet clapping).

Shortly after checking into the hotel, the whole group loaded back onto the bus and headed out for dinner at Dave & Busters. The kids had a great time and they won enough tickets that Dakota was able to get a purple stuffed dolphin that he's named Squirt and Elle got a stuffed Dora the Explorer. And you know I'm ecstatic because we don't have NEARLY enough stuffed things around our house. But I must say that it satisfied Dakota greatly. Apparently he was pretty pissed that he didn't get a stuffed monkey when they stopped at a Love's gas station in Atoka, Oklahoma.

Tomorrow's plans include a trip to the San Antonio zoo for the kids and me, golfing at The Republic Golf Club for all the coaches, baseball at 3:30 p.m. and then we're off to San Antonio Spurs game this evening. Should be a busy and exciting day!

More later...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nearly Lost It

So, I had my annual OB/GYN appointment today which is always such a fun time. What the (insert bad word) ever! Surprisingly, the Doc was on time today and I was pleased that I didn't have to sit for nearly an hour with a disposable paper table cloth draped over my legs. I was not pleased that Aunt Flo decided to arrive early this morning because that added all sorts of extra pleasure to my experience. Needless to say, I was ready to get back to work.

So I walked into the parking garage in an expeditious fashion because I can't seem to walk unlike I'm in a freaking relay race. During my final 20 yard sprint to the car, my high heels hit a slick spot on the concrete and I went down...almost.

My purse dropped from my shoulder and I immediately slapped the side of a 1990's model Lincoln Towncar in hopes of it breaking my fall. Miraculously, it did. And I prayed that the owner of the champagne colored ride wasn't behind the wheel or else I was about to get my ass kicked for ramming into the their car. But the best part was the elderly lady driving slowly in search of parking space who's jaw dropped to the floor as she witnessed my display of grace. And she rolled her window down to see if I was okay! Since when do the elderly have to be concerned with falling 30 somethings?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

2008 - 10 Year's and Counting

March 7th marks the date of our wedding one decade ago. Words cannot desribe the gratitude I have for my husband and for the year's we've shared and those yet to come. I won't spend too much time on the mushy gushy stuff here but sitting here behind my computer screen, I'm jumping for joy!

Let it be.

Do you ever feel that there are some things not worth fighting over? Take this for example.
To school today, Elle wore cute pink stripped tights under a cute sweater dress to match. At the end of my work day, I stopped by Drysdales to pick up a western shirt for a kid's birthday because he's REALLY into western shirts. While I was at the store, I discovered a cute red t-shirt imprinted with sparkling text that reads "Untamed". Given Elle's demeanor, I found it to be an appropriate buy for my little girl. Untamed like a wild horse, and as beautiful and strong as one.
So, we get home and she insists on wearing the new shirt. And unfortunately, she also insists on wearing the tights instead of some other pants. And then she finds her dress up shoes (which she calls her clap-clap shoes because of the noise they make). And THEN, she finds her Disney princesses fanny pack. And she wore the whole ensemble parading around the house.
I won't say what Jason said, it's not appropriate. All I have to say least she's wearing panties.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Home Owners Association

So I went to our 1st homeowners association meeting last night. Most of you know that my typical behavior is one of an extrovert and naturally I like to "get involved". But my life is so full that I wasn't certain about whether or not I'd volunteer to serve on the board. And I kid you not, less than two minutes into the meeting some ass from the back row (picture a late in life man with overalls, a trucker's hat, no hair and mildly obese) pipes up over the presenter and everyone else in the room stating that he cannot understand why we need a homeowners association! While the polite lady up front tried to education him on the purpose of such an incorporation, he continued to cut her off and rudely interject that it cannot cost that much damn money to upkeep the grass at the entryway. Clearly he wasn't getting it.

Meanwhile I was having flashbacks to my high schools days when I used to get in people's faces for being so openly ignorant. While everyone else in the church was smiling and bowing their heads to roll their eyes, I was getting puffed up. I was ready to tell that bonehead that he should have read his friggin' covenants when he bought his damn house because it clearly states that the subdivision would have a homeowners association (among other things that he was clearly unaware of). And of course he argued that he didn't ever receive a copy of the covenants even though we all know you have to sign the stupid thing when you close on a house.

So I didn't sign up for the board because I don't want to get in a fist fight with a 55+ year old man. I'm WAY too mature for that. ;-)