Thursday, October 29, 2009

Elle's Winter Recital

Here is Elle in her fall studio recital. It went pretty well despite her shy moments. Her lips are chapped from all the tongue action though! I must admit, I'm impressed with her attentativeness. She definitely wants to get it right. We're so proud of our little dancer.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Workout Playlist Recommendations

A few weeks ago I asked my Facebook friends to help me get more creative with my exercise playlist by providing three recommendations from their repertoire. I got some good ones so I thought that I would share them with you. Enjoy the sweat!

Angela Godwin
One of my favorites on my running playlist is The Who's "Who Are You". For me, the BPM matches my stride and really gets me going. I also really like "American Girl", Tom Petty. :) If you really want something different, though, try some Japanese techno. Seriously! e.g., Anything from the Dance Dance Revolution soundtrack is great!

Erin Burkholder Leaman
Fergilicious by Fergie, I know you want me by Pitbull, and Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John (i was getting desparate for the 3rd one, but it's a good song)

Cathy Schmitt
Lose yourself by eminem, its awesome..weapon of choice by fatboy slim..and definetly anything by prodigy!!!!

Nicolle Carter Warren
Vertigo by U2. American Woman by The Guess Who. Get UR Freak on by Missy Elliott. :-)

Krystal Williams
It takes two- rob base and dj ez, don't stop the music- rhianna, and I told you so- Keith urban. Pass your playlist on when you're done, sounds like a good one!

Jason Doctor
Some of KJ's favorite workout/ running tunes- It's Raining Men, Karma Chameleon, Ladies Night, Sex You Up, I Got You Babe (he likes to sing Cher's part), Copa Kabana, Wake Me Up Before you Go, Half Breed (really most anything by Cher)
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Bill Langenheim
Praise you by Fat Boyslim. The Verve's Bitter Sweet Symphony. Those start slow but build fast. For the best intro in the history of Rock, it's Meat Loaf's Bat Out Of Hell.

KJ Little
True, "If I could turn back time" is a motivator. Never can go wrong with Color Me Badd, N.K.O.T.B., or Milli Vanilli. Really hitting the road hard recently with anything from "Glee".

Jennifer Lindsey
I've got some INXS that I love to use.

Kathleen Cahill Wackowski
"Dancing in the Streets" by Martha and the Vandellas (aging myself) "Shipping up to Boston" by Dropkick Murphys and for something completely different "Christmas Eve Sarajevo" by Trans Siberian Orchestra, great driving rhythms for running and maybe it will inspire you to get your Christmas Shopping done early :~)

Angie Cox McAfee
You gotta have some Top Gun Danger Zone! :) Little Rocky Eye of the Tiger... topped off with Vacation's chariots of fire! Ha!

Mindi Murphy Johnson
The Mama Mia Soundrack is the best at least for walking as the tunes are a mixture of quick and not so quick. Perhaps there might be something of interest for those who can run.

Chris Caughern Fisher
nickelback has some good fast, crazy possessive, hip hop police, all the above,megamix by 2 unlimited,turn it up by autograph , flo rida is fun need more? I have a bundle

Chris Caughern Fisher
throw in bon jovi too

Beth Akins
Pump Up the Volume by MARRS
also...Rhythm Nation by Janet Jackson

Tom Leibrandt
Lit Up- Buck Cherry , Thunder Struck AC/DC, Wild Side- Motley Crue, Unchain my heart- Motley Crue, Eat the rich-Aerosmith

Friday, September 11, 2009

Elle's First Day of Kindergarten

Her first day of Kindergarten was August 12th and I almost cannot believe that both my children are school aged now. I must say, she was more ready to make this transition in life than most five year old kids that I know. She's quite the social butterfly.

She was fortunate enough to be assigned to Mrs. Grant's class. Mrs. Grant was Dakota's Kindergarten teacher also and we love her. Elle is enjoying school and her new social setting very much. Her only complaint is the cafeteria food so we've been packing a lunch most days.
We couldn't be more proud of our strong little girl.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

Kelly, Jen, Amanda, Jill and I arrived yesterday afternoon at the Keystone Resort in Keystone, CO. It's now 4:45 a.m. And I cannot sleep due to the anticapation for what awaits me. In one hour we will head to the opening ceremony where more than 1500 people will start their walk to fight breast cancer.

I'm excited and worried (mostly about blisters) but I know it will be amazing. And fortunately, I will have a beautiful view of God's creation of this part of our country to occupy my thoughts.

This photo was taken from the back proch of our condo, Key Condo.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Garage Sale

Yesterday's fundraising efforts were a success! We raised over $600 that is going to off-set travel expenses and/or is being donated to the cause. We are less than 1 week away from the 39 mile walk in Keystone, CO.

I'm looking forward to this amazing opportunity to spend time with my friends, see the beautiful countryside and donate more than $7,000 in the name of Team J.A.C.K.

A heartfelt thanks to all of our supporters!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We just returned from an awesome family vacation to DisneyWorld. But before I get into a recap of that, I wanted to share some memories that were made as we passed through OKC.
As many you know, Mandi and I grew up together. Although she lived in Muskogee and I was in Tulsa, there was rarely a summer that went by when we didn't spend some time visiting one another and sharing many a memory. As we became adolescents, we spent even more time together and over the years we have been fortunate enough to strengthen our friendship as adult women. Before we were born, our moms were similarly close and as far as we know, our grandmothers were loving sisters. And so now we offer the same to a fourth generation. Dakota and Elle spent some quality time with their cousin Hal while Doc and I caught up with Mandi and K.J. We were especially glad to spend the evening with cousin Scott whom we see far less of but thoroughly enjoy each encounter we have with him. Although our visit was short, I'm grateful for the time we had. I hope we're able to continue finding time for our families to be close and I hope that our kids do the same for their children and their cousins.

The Kids

The Boys

And The Girls

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dakota's Tiger Cub Graduation

Congratulations to Dakota! He graduated from a Tiger Scout to a Wolf Scout just this past weekend. He seems to be enjoying this program so far. We had to try something different since soccer didn't seem to interest him much anymore. He's a little timid of other sports activities so we're taking a break and doing Scouts for now. Hopefully we can add another activity into the mix come fall. He's going to be a 2nd grader in August and I cannot believe it. Time really does fly!
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BAPS District Art Show

Dakota was one of only several 1st graders from Westwood Elementary to have a copy of work on display at the 2009 Broken Arrow District Art Show. He told us that this was his "Fall Drawing". You might notice that he colored a brown person inside the house and he told us that his dad inside. And he's the "peach" colored person driving the car! He even decorated the lawn with a few harvest gourds.

We're so proud of our little artist!
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Friday, April 10, 2009

One Lucky Guy

We went to Lucia's 6th birthday party at Leapin' Louies. At first, Dakota didn't want to swim without a shirt because he didn't want any girls he knew to see his boobies. I guess he got over it because the demands for the shirt were short lived.

As it turns out, he was the life of the party, being the only boy and all. They chased and dunked him and his only escape was the hottub which the girls thought was too hot.

I think this may have been his favorite party in a while and even though he pretended not to like all the attention, he sure was telling his daddy all about it.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Standing the Test of Time

It's really nice to have friends who have stood the test of time. On the far left is Kathy Jones, Krystal's mother. Kathy spent a fair amount of time grounding Krystal from spending time with both Camden and me. And yet, here we all are again, spending time together as thirty-something women who are celebrating the pending arrival of baby Reece.

We gathered this evening for good food and some good fun and conversation at El Guapo's restaurant. How great it is to have love like this! Here sister in law joined us as did her friend Amanda. We were all very grateful for a girl's night out and for a reason to celebrate. We're very much looking forward to the arrival of Reece Joseph Williams! Buenos Noches!
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

Why? Just a few days ago I went for a haircut and was reminded about why I'm walking in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. My hairdresser, Angela, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is without health insurance and as if living with the knowledge that she has cancer isn't enough, she's living with the loss of her mother and one sister who lost the fight against breast cancer. Tulsa Project Woman gave her some complimentary testing and now she's receiving treatment with the help of governmental aid. But it's organizations like Avon and this walk that continue to support women who cannot pay. For that, I am grateful.
If you have any interest in supporting this cause and my fundraising efforts, you can visit And thank you to Jen for inviting me, to Kelly for inviting her and for Amanda and Jill who were brave enough to join in on the fun!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

11 Years of Togetherness

Doc and I recently celebrated our 11 year anniversary. In some ways, it's hard to believe it's been so long and then again, it sort of feels like just the beginning. He says it feels like 52 years...I think he's counting in dog years.

We went back to the same restaurant where we celebrated our 1 year anniversary and spent the evening at the same hotel. We spent the morning taking a nice walk at LaFortune park. It was sort of like we weren't even in our own home town. I'm not really sure what's happened to the Warren Duck Club. That restaurant used to be the place to be but we ended up being at only one of a few occupied tables. Well it was the thought that counts...

So, here's to his parents and mine who have successfully mastered many decades of matrimony!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Easy Bake Memories

I remember my Easy Bake oven, do you? I felt very grown up baking my very own cake. And now Elle has this memory too.

Everything about the oven is the same except for maybe the addition of extreme safety warnings. Another thing I realized is that 25 years later, it's tough to find a clear, non-soft white, non-energy effecient light bulb. The Easy Bake oven requirements have not caught up with the advancements and concerns over America's carbon foorprint.

The cake still tastes like shit. She only wanted to eat the sprinkles!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

You got to know when to hold em'.

My husband is a gambler. I am not. He is good at it. I am not. He would do a lot more of it but I won't let him. What can I say? I'm tight with my money and he's a dreamer. Usually though, Doc knows he's going to win and sometimes his manifestation comes true.

After having pizza with some friends last night, we stopped by Tulsa's Cherokee Casino. My sweet husband took me to the bar where the band plays because he knew that music is more my thing. And FYI, the smoke in that place was BAD. I felt like I was stuck in an elevator with 12 European chain smoking fanatics. So we listened to the band (and laughed at the guitar player who had a prosthetic penis in his pants...I just know it), and played a little in-bar poker. He put in $20. I was thinking about how much I'd like to have $20. I'd get one of those cheap pedis from the Vietnamese chop shop. And he? He nearly doubled his money and paid for our beer. I like free beer. And I love that he didn't make me witness the loss of that $20. He's a good man.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

OK Ice Storms

I woke up at the crack of dawn to the sound of sleet hitting the windown pane. And oddly enough, I also heard thunder and saw lightening. What kind of place gets icy precip and a thunder storm at the same time?

My Japanese Maple held strong the last time one of these winter storms blowed through these parts and I sure hope she can do it again. I love this tree. I got it for Mother's Day 2006.

Oh well, we were planning to rework this flower garden again this spring anyhow.

Now you see why I am working from home today. The streets faired no better than the rest. I'd really planned on not getting out in this crud today but Jason left his truck downtown after the AC/DC concert last night. I guess the parking garage traffic was unreal. Ah, the joys of owning property. I'd almost rather leave it than drive on this stuff.
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

1st Tooth

Dakota was paid a visit by the toothfairy! He is 7 years and 2 months old and it seems much delayed considering all the Kindergarten kids at his school already have gaps in their teeth. Wonder if that means his permanent ones will last longer?

He's quite cute and $5 richer. I told him the toothfairy probably won't be as gracious with the second tooth. There are onl so many firsts.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

True or False?

What's your opinion? Is it true or false that the busiest people are also the most productive people? I'm hoping the answer is true. I'm busier than a worker bee and yet I relish the activity. I live in a constant state of over-doing and yet I don't seem to mind. So long as my body gets plenty of sleep, I'm content to push, and push, and push.

Take this weekend for example. I had a girls night at my parent's lake house on Friday evening. I made it home on Saturday with enough time to fit in a 30 minutes walk, laundry, house cleaning and even watched a bit of DVD'd American Idol before my family walked in the door. We then shared some great family time, more house stuff, book reading, etc. Today was just as action packed but with a HOA meeting tacked onto the evening. I even had my daughter in tow and she had a ball playing with the neighbor's baby and chatting away with the baby's momma.

And even now that the kids are fast asleep, I cannot decide if I should blog, Facebook, work or read my latest novel. Sometimes I wish for greater simplicity in life and sometimes I'm grateful for all the energy. Tonight, I feel alive and well!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So you had a bad day?

Yes, today was bad, sad, you name it. We had a small round of layoffs today and while I was not on the receiving end of it (this time), I had to deliver the news to a very sweet man who has three kids in college. Where is the beauty in that? None. But it's business and I suppose that I of all people should be used to such decisions. I'm seeking the silver lining and I know there is some. As my Mama used to say, "When we fall out of God's hands, we land in His lap". Thank heavens for that.