Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dakota's 6 Year Update

Dear Friends and Family,

Oh, how time flies. I’ve had a fabulous year so far. I can’t believe I’m six years old. I don’t have any major stats to report (e.g. weight, height, etc.) because I didn’t have to do one of those well baby check ups like you do when you five years old or less. Suffice it to say that I’m still a feather weight at around 40 lbs. and I'm healthy and happy as can be.

So back to my fabulous year…I started Kindergarten which is amazing. I’m in Miss Smith’s class and I’m told she’s the best Kindergarten teacher in all of Westwood Elementary. Our school mascot is the Wranglers by the way.

I’ve learned to read and I’m broadening my vocabulary every day. I have some new friends but I’ve done a good job of keeping the old…Garrett and I still get together every month or so and Wyatt and I are buddies. Emma even came to my 6 year old birthday party!

I miss some of my friends from Allison’s but I’m meeting lots of new friends as well. Some of my friends are from my soccer team. I played Fall ball with Broken Arrow Soccer Club and I scored some goals this year as well!

This year was tons of fun. On Easter, I saw a real bunny in our back yard.

We joined a church this year, Northside Christian Church and I really enjoy my time there learning about Jesus. The summer months were full of tons of activities and water play and this fall has been packed full of trips to the pumpkin patch, trick-or-treating and more. Did I mention that I was a Ninja for Halloween?

The summer was especially great because I went with my family to Kara’s regional soccer tournament in Tampa, Florida. I got to play in the ocean got tons of sun. My favorite part was jumpin the waves (Oh, and Kara's friend Lauren who I have a minor crush on)! - Check out the wings on me...soon those will be super strong deltoids.

Oh, I almost forgot (how could I?). I went to my first ever OU games this year. Check it out!

Overall, life is good. I’m still a good boy and my teacher says she wishes all her kids were like me! Mom and Dad are proud and Elle is still my champion.

And here's a special note from his sister:

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oh Pirates

Fall soccer season is officially over. And I hate to admit it but I'm very pleased. The Pirates ended the season with one win. Sad, but true. Jason is pleased too...he spent most games royally flustered. As for myself, I enjoy the social aspect of it all. You see all types...the mean and loud mom who bites her fingernails every two seconds, the suburbia mom who applies make up for the 9:00 a.m. games and chases after other siblings in between video camcorder responsibilities, the quiet silent mom who's in the background so much that you wonder if she's in fact the other player's mom, and then there is the most colorful mom who is a native German married to a man who appears to be a sweet country boy (an OSU fan I might add). Oh, and then there's me.

The German and the suburban wife are my favorites. Friendly, non pretentious, talkative, willing to discipline, etc. Sometimes I think it's the other parents that make it worth the time running your arse all over God's creation to get your kids picked up from school, to practice, and home for dinner (or Sonic/McDonalds) before bedtime. Sure, the kids have fun. But they're not winning and they don't care about losing (except suburban mom's child) and they have no concept of all the Friday night and Saturday afternoon sacrifices the parents have made to get them there. Yeah, I'm selfish I guess. But who isn't really? Even those who claim that they'd not rather be anywhere but on the soccer field are lying. Other options include: napping, shopping, reading, exercising, car washing, spring cleaning...you get the idea. Life is so full already and then we add kid's hobbies into the mix. Oh Pirates. I guess I'll get in shape and do what I want when I'm 50. But god I love my little ones.

Speaking of which...I laid them in bed tonight and they were absolute giggle boxes. It was time for prayers and I told them to be silent. Dakota repeated me. Elle thought he said "Simon" so she starts playing

Elle: Simon says "Touch Your Nose" (laugh hard)

Dakota: I said "Silence!" (laugh harder)

Mom: Quiet...it's time for prayers.

Elle: Simon says "Touch Your Eyes" (deep belly laughs from the bottom of her feet)

Dakota: Joins in the belly laughs

Mom: Can't help but belly laugh

Mom: Finally...a night-time prayer for Daddy's safe return home from work, for our family and friends, the gift of shelter and food to eat. And they insist on praying for our late dog Emmit who is racing on the clouds with Jesus. Gosh, they're precious.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Where I've been

After my last post, it got me to wondering exactly how many of the United States I've traveled too. Naturally, many of these destinations are ones that I traveled to during my business trips which isn't nearly as exciting as those I've shared with family and friends. But regardless, here is how it shakes out...58% of the total.

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Kid's At Play

My friend T.G. brought her kids over for a play date tonight. The grown ups were watching OU football on TV while the little ones entertained themselves upstairs. After a short while of loud and then quite and then loud again playtime, T.G. went upstairs to see what the rascals were up to. And here you have it. My daughter has disrobed (surprise) and her friend W is wrestling with her on the top bunk. I guess that the good news lies in knowing who your future in-laws might be.

Friday, November 9, 2007


So, I was traveling for business and ended up in the northeastern part of Washington. Fall is a beautiful time of year to be traveling is this part of the country and the only sad part about it all is that I wasn't experiencing it with my husband. That said, I had to write just to note that this place is one of beauty and awe. The rolling hills, wheat covered grounds and green grasses were certainly pleasing to the eye. We even ventured into northern Idaho because we wanted to say we'd be there. Oddly enough, we stopped at the Northern Idaho Visitor's Center and picked up a few brochures that could serve as proof of our journeys.

In a phone call to my friend T.G. on the way through Idaho, she asked the question "Who in the hell goes to Idaho besides you?"... then she humbly admitted that her parents made a trek thru Idaho on an RV excursion. So...naturally I picked up an RV tour guide in the visitor's center because I though Betty and Tony would appreciate it. And you never know, Idaho may be the next Doctor family vacation destination. There is that one resort that we saw, Coeur de' Alene. Definitely worth a look see.

My point is, you'd be pleasantly surprised by Idaho. I'm sure they have wonderful potatoes (although I never saw any) but the truth is that their scenery is quite becoming. And if you make it to Moscow, Idaho, be sure to stop by Sangria Grill for a bite to eat. The menu is superb!

Ta ta for now.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Doc's Birthday Present

For Doc's birthday, my mother and father gifted him with a guided fishing trip hosted by one of B.A.S.S. Master's greatest...Jeff Kriet. Jeff is an Oklahoma boy from Ardmore with a gift of finding prize winning bass on lakes all across the world. I had the pleasure of attending an all expense paid dinner (thanks to Jeff's manager) at one of Grand Lake's yacht clubs. After meeting the man, it's was evident that fishing is his passion and consequently, Jason would be privy to some of the best tricks and tips that money can buy.

At the age of five, Jeff knew he wanted to make his living as a fisherman. He pursued an economics degree from the University of Oklahoma (go Sooners!) and worked in the professional world long enough to save enough money that he could go on the pro circuit. Even after all these years and after many wins that amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money, Jeff is still a humble Oklahoma boy who is so giving of his time and talent that he donated this experience in the spirit of United Way fundraising. He is a husband and a father and admits that the most difficult part of his job is being away from his family (and the long hours on the road pulling a boat are equally challenging).

Doc's experience was one that comes along once in a lifetime. Jason was able to invite a friend, J.P., on the trip with him and when the day was done, the three of them (Jeff, Doc, J.P.) had hooked over 100 fish!

Many thanks to Jeff to donating his time to the worthy mission of the United Way and to my parents who knew that Jason would be ever grateful for such a positive experience. The only down side I can see is that Jason has reignited his passion and is in desperate need of a bass boat...whatever.

Jeff & J.P.

Pictured left to right - Doc, Fisherman 1, Jeff, Fisherman 2, J.P.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007

What a fun holiday! Jason and I went to a costume party at the Boone's residence along with our friend Sean. We were decorated up in our traditional 70's attire but I must say that I was impressed by some of the other costumes. You can check some of them out here (these people must have spent a small fortune!).

And the kids had a ball. I took them to my work for some festivities and then we trick-or-treated in the neighborhood. Elle was dressed as Ariel the mermaid and Dakota was a ninja. He requested the purchase of a ninja sword which stayed in the wagon most of the time because it was too burdensome to carry. I'm so glad to have pleased him with that purchase. :-)

Anyhow, Jason also had much fun (lol) carving this year's pumpkins. Dakota's was a bat hanging upside down in a cave and Elle's was a silly face (what else?).

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! Chat soon.