Saturday, December 10, 2011

RAOK #14

Today we joined the members of Asbury United Methodist Church in a community service project. The first step was to check in and pick out which activity we wanted to do as a family

We chose #10, Walt Whittman Elementary School where we hosted a Christmas party for the students and their families.

At our post, we helped the kids make birthday cards for orphans in Uganda.

Other posts had crafts, games, cookie decorating, etc.

And finally, we wrapped up our morning of service by helping label books in the school library.

A great way to spend a Saturday morning as a family and share a little RAOK.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

RAOK #12 & #13

My friend Tracy Thompson forwarded me a link to a blog recently. She said that she knew I would just love it. And I do.

The specific post that inspired me was regarding Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. The blog post was from 2010 and yet timeless. More recently, the blogger posted blank templates for the cards that she used for the project. I've since borrowed the idea and am currently doing what I can to implement my own RAOK this Christmas season.

Yesterday I paid for the coffee of the guy behind me in the drive thru. Today I taped $1.25 to the pop machine and attached one of the cards. I am having a ball!