Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dakota's Soccer Injury

Notice the spot just above his temple. This happened after he was running to save the other team from scoring a goal. There was a lot of cut grass lying in mounds on the field and he tripped over some. His head crashed into the goal post and you could hear the "ping" from across the field. He lay motionless and I took off running. I just knew we were headed to the hospital. Once the coach and I got to him, we found him crying and alert. He ended up okay but it was SO scary. This happened just one week after he took a ball to the face. Poor kid.

The good news is that he saved the ball and kept the team from scoring. Way to go kid!
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And here is my social butterfly. She and this little girl played so well together. It helps keep her entertained while the boys play ball. Thank heavens for little girls.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Cool Chica

I love this picture. She normally takes my glasses and wears them upside down but this time she got it right...even if they're a little lop sided.

Go Pirates!

Spring 2008 has been an exciting soccer season. The Pirates have only won a couple of games but Dakota is playing so well. This is the first season that he has really shined. He has been hussling, scoring, blocking and having many touches on the ball. We are so proud of how well he's doing and we're beginning to think that soccer may be his thing. I'm am an official fan and proud of my soccer son.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


YES! Dakota has learned how to tie his shoes. I kept telling him that it was important that he learn this skill during Kindergarten (I don't know why but it seemed like the appropriate time). It's my fault that he hadn't known before now because I didn't take the time to teach him. He would just take his shoes on and off but keep the laces tied the entire time. So yesterday morning I made him try. It didn't go well because he got whiny and said "I can't" which I hate. So I got frustrated and he cried. Reminds me a bit like the bike riding exercise.

But last night I made him try again just before sleep. I told him he had to try three times and then he could go to bed. By the second try, he was doing it on his own. And again this morning, success! He doesn't even need my coaching or assistance. I'm so proud that he tried and he's so proud of his accomplishment. It's amazing how a little confidence can make a child feel so strong.

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Another Simple and Kind Gesture

As a follow up to my last entry, I wanted to comment on yet another act of kindness where the reaction surprised me.

Last week I mailed a hand written thank you note to this woman in accounting (Ms. X) who is responsible for processing all of the expense reports in the company. With all the travel I do (and there are some who travel WAY more than I), I felt it was important to tell her how much I appreciate the time she takes to process my reimbursements. I'm very aware of the tediousness of this task and frankly I'm not sure how a person could enjoy such a job. In fact, I'm not sure she does because she maintains a bit of scowl on her face most of the time. Regardless, I do appreciate her. And later that day I received an email from her boss telling me that I'd made Ms. X's day by sending that card and that Ms. X was really in need of a boost. She said it was a thoughtful thing to do. And once again, I was just doing what Momma always told me was the right thing to do. Momma knows best.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

You Never Know

As some of you know, I am actively involved in a local organization called The Margaret Hudson Program which is a school for pregnant and parenting teens. MHP offers a variety of services to our girls and their babies beyond the standard academic services including health care, child care, counseling services, nutrition services and more. Our goal is to make these girls self sustaining, contributing members of our community. We help teen families succeed! The program is very near and dear to my heart.

I recently learned of the pending retirement of a long time nurse of ours. While retirement is often "no bid deal" I found this news to be especially disturbing because I know that this woman offers care to our students well beyond that of a nurse. She's a second mom to some of these girls who are so young and yet becoming mothers themselves. Often times, these girls don't have mothers of their own that are strong role models so nurse Marilyn is a real blessing in their lives.

During one of our facility tours, I took a moment to walk up to Marilyn and let her know how disappointed I am that we are losing her but how happy I am for her and her retirement. I wanted her know that she is valued, appreciated and she will be missed. Our entire dialogue lasted no more than two minutes.

Just yesterday I was at one of our campuses dropping off my friend's maternity clothes as a donation to the girls. While I was in the lobby, Marilyn came up to me with tears in her eyes and told me the difference that I'm making for MHP. And she proceeded to inform me that my words to her during the tour had meant so much to her and that a bit of encouragement can go a long way. Her lip quivered, he eyes ran full and she was truly grateful.

This just goes to show how much a few sincere words can really mean to a person. You just never know the impact that you have on another life even when you are going thru life as usual. It felt good to make her happy. And Marilyn will be sadly missed.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Jason and Candice Over The Years

We first met in the summer of 1990. I met a girl named Krystal at Clark Theatre summer camp. Krystal invited me to a summer swim party for incoming Booker T. Washington Freshmen. At that time, Jason was dating another girl named Camden (still one of my best friends). By Junior year, Jason and I were an item. We started dating in October of 1992 and were married in March of 1998. We had our first child in November 2001 and our second in June 2004. There have been many experiences and memories along the way and many more are yet to come. In this section you will see a photographic look down memory lane.