Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I'm trying to decide if random acts of kindness are only classified as such if the you give anonymously. I'm thinking yes but then again, some very basic things can be done at random to those you love and it's still considered kindness. I suppose the rules aren't important anyhow.

So today was a good day. First off, I elected to stop by the donut shop after my morning workout and get some donuts for the kids...a suprise breakfast if you will. This doesn't count. But, while I was there I bought donuts for the neighbor kids too. Hopefully that counts for something even though they know they came from me.

And tonight I prepared a gift bag of fall season goodies. I included a candle, some earmuffs, body wash and peppermint lotion. I also added a Happy Fall notecard addressed to my neighbor, any neighbor.

When Elle arrived home from soccer practice, I let her choose a random house of those who would receive today's RAOK. We went down the street, she delivered the bag and rang the door bell and took off! I caught a horrible, dark picture of her running away from the house and unfortunatley, the ones I captured of the homeowner at the door did not turn out. But boy did we have fun with our giving!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rhino the Dwarf Hamster

Dakota has been asking (for a while) about getting a new pet. He's mentioned a lizard, a snake, a dog, a fish and various types of rodents. So a few weeks ago we ventured to the pet store to see what we could find. It didn't take long for him to set his sights on a tiny dwarf hamster. He chose the one in the cage that was the most active. He liked how he raced on his wheel. And so, I introduce you to the newest member of our family. RHINO!
Naturally, the kids are having to sleep down the hall and close the door to the room that Rhino sleeps in (or not). It appears he's quite nocturnal AND active. But we like him. And we're gonna keep him. Unless of course we lose him like we did the other day. After 24 hours he finally found crouching down under the couch. Whew...I thought the cat had him for dinner!


Yesterday evening was the school carnival at the kid's elementary school. While I was supervising the silent auction tables, a woman talked to me about her son's disappointment for not winning an inflatable toy prize given at this particular carnival game. He was too little to successfully complete the game's task and kept walking away with only a Tootsie Roll.

Dakota had already won 3 inflatable toys. So I asked him if he'd mind giving one up to a little boy who was struggling to win one. He said yes and so we found the mom and her son and Dakota presented the boy with a blown up football on a stick. The kid was SO excited.

This is a photo of the boy playing with it just moments after receiving this RAOK in OK.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


So, my friend over at Two Little Miss Fritts had a link to an inspiring blog about random acts of kindness on her Facebook page. The owner of the blog wrote about how she celebrated her 38th birthday doing 38 random acts of kindness all in one day. I was so inspired by the idea that I decided to share it via email with several family members, friends and co-workers. A few folks were impressed and a few others were equally inspired to do more.

Thus begins my journey to make a conscious effort to do some random act of kindness (RAOK), Oklahoma (OK) style at least once a week for an unspecified amount of time. I'm hopeful that the newness of this quest doesn't wear thin. And I'm hopeful that I continue to be inspired by how I feel while and after doing these acts of kindness.

Tonight I paid the bill for the lady in the drive thru line behind me at Braums. I didn't stick around to see her gratitude once she realized that her bill was already taken care of. But when the cashier asked if I knew the woman in my rearview mirror and I replied "No", I was pleased to see her joy at the thoughtfulness of the jesture. And so...here we go!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Oh how I wish I had that.

I know you're not supposed to covet thy neighbor but dang, these people impress me. Check them out because I'm certain they will inspire you too!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Her Soccer Debut

Elle is officially a soccer player. She has a gift...well comparatively speaking to some other children I've seen. Her team is The Renegades. Her coach knows what he's doing but most importantly, he makes if fun for the girls.

The Renegades lost a little to a lot but rallied during the second half. Elle played well and I'm proud of my little kicker! She is going to have to work on keeping her tongue in her mouth while she runs though.