Friday, December 28, 2007

10th Annual Doctor Family Christmas Party

It's so hard to believe but it's been 10 years that we've shared the Christmas Party tradition with our friends and a few family members. We hosted our first party in our home on College Ave. It was a 1,000 square foot starter home with two bedrooms and one bath and yet it managed to accommodate our guests just fine. Several years and a couple kids later, we did it again in our new(er) home that's capable of accommodating more people and yet the coziness of the get together remains the same.

Now we're 30 something's having the bulk of our conversations about our children, our jobs, our hobbies, new cars, new appliances, etc. and yet the special spirit of this tradition is alive and well. Perhaps it's the stress of this time of year or because we're all so busy with our lives that some people don't REALLY want to go to the party (or any party for that matter), but everyone rolls out and a few beverages later, we're relaxed, laughing, reminiscing (Camden has a memory like no other) and usually we end up getting our grove on in the middle of the family room. And sometimes, a guest manages to throw in a little surprise.

For example, this year Beau hid "surprises" in his BBQ wieners and god only knows what they were going to be or who would find them (it turns out they were toy in sheriff, police, BEEF INSPECTOR). And Jason put KJ to task on his E.R. duties when his pink eye got so out of control that KJ had to "flip his lid" to determine if it was infected. And never mind the rabbit. Those of you who were there know all about the rabbit.

It's with great gratitude that I write this entry. I'm very grateful for our wonderful friends, their memories and their love. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

The Afro made an appearance.

Party Animals!

Mr. Robato

Mr. Singing Christmas Tree (he's 10 years old now and still works, just has a bit of a gimp eye)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Family Photo...a few years delayed

It has been quite some time since the last Doctor Family photograph was taken. Sandy's Christmas wish was that we come together and take a current picture. We're embarrassed to admit that the last one was taken when Elle was about six months old! Anyhow, we mustered the courage to take on Sears Portrait Studio during the holiday months and ended up with a new family picture. The original idea was to wear all white shirts. Then it switched to either blue or purple. Then everyone realized that they didn't have the colors of choice in their closets. So we all showed up in whatever we had on hand and as you can see, we're beautiful like a rainbow.
Take a peak!

The consequence of taking a picture with the Doctor family is that I realize how white I am!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Thanksgiving with the Ogdens
This Thanksgiving season was spent with the Ogden bunch down in Quinton, Oklahoma. We had a wonderful weekend spending time with family and did a good deal of laughing which is pretty typical when we get around Jason's cousins.

Dakota & Rynda

Elle & Rynda

The Doctor Girls (Kara, Shara, Candice & Elle)

Doc fishin' at the pond. Brrrr.....

Papa Herman & Dakota - Aren't they handsome?

Dakota and cousin Paul. Paul is one of Dakota's favorite cousins because he picks on Dakota and wrestles around with him with tireless energy. They're pretty good buddies and there is irony in watching these two play considering the playful friendship that Paul and Jason had as children.

The outdoor picnic which is involuntary and brought on by the fact that it's quite difficult to cram upwards of 40 people in small country house. Thank goodness for the small children who don't take up too much space.

I like this picture. Cell phone technology has been adopted by all generations and in all geographic territories. It reminds me of a few Christmas' ago when we bought Granny Ogden a present and wrapped it in an old cell phone box. When she opened the package, she assumed that the box was representative of it's contents. She cast the box aside and told me thank you for the cell phone "It will come in real handy just as soon as Quinton gets those cell towers needed to work one of these things". I had to insist that she proceed with opening the gift, that it was in fact NOT a cell phone. They've since got towers...

Blake, Preston & Monica
(featured on a floral/velvet couch circa 1970)

Dakota's first school presentation in celebration of Thanksgiving. They spent the month learning about Indian and pilgrims. He was shocked and amazed to learn that he was an Indian too!

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