Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dad is 60 and we celebrated with a bang!

Dad is 60! We celebrated in typical fashion in conjunction with a get together at the lake house on 4th of July weekend. This year's festivities were a blast and we enjoyed hosting our friends, the Boomershines. Dad is still adjusting to being 60 and claims that 70 is "just around the corner". I keep reminding him that he could have another 25+ years to go and there is a lot that this man can do with 25 years. Happy Belated Birthday Dad!

Captain Dakota navigated the boat into the cove where we anchored off for the big show.

Elle & Wyatt watching the old fashioned airplanes during the fly over show.

Elle & Dakota thought the fireworks were impressive!

Earlier in the day we played on the dock and T.G. and I soaked up the sun. Chigger seemed to enjoy himself just fine.

Beau taking the kids for a canoe ride.

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