Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Livesay Orchard Pumpkin Patch

I wouldn't say that I love this time of year and mostly that's because I'm a wuss when it's cold. I don't like to shiver and I don't like for my toes to go numb. I do, however, like some of the activities that go along with the season.

This past weekend we made a visit to Livesay Orchards in Porter, Oklahoma. We were in need of some pumpkins and thought it might be fun to tie in a hay ride and other children's activities at the same time. Livesay does a decent job of combining the commercial with the traditional.

We took a tractor ride ($3 fee) out to the orchard where we got to trample the pumpkin vines and choose our loot.

We were promptly returned to the farmer's market where we pay for our pumpkins plus whatever other items our hearts desired at that time. Jason was quick to point out that they would do quite well if they had an on-site cafe and sold food to low blood sugar fathers who are along for the ride.

We ran into some old friends at the orchard and enjoyed watching their little guy save caterpillars in his pocket. And we gave the kids some play time in the hay maze, etc. Even Elle showed off her ropin' abilities and Dakota proved that he knows how to milk a cow's tit ("You have to pull AND squeeze Elle!").

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Brannon Family said...

so, did dakota call it a "tit" or did you say that? i thought it was an udder...LOL!