Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We just returned from an awesome family vacation to DisneyWorld. But before I get into a recap of that, I wanted to share some memories that were made as we passed through OKC.
As many you know, Mandi and I grew up together. Although she lived in Muskogee and I was in Tulsa, there was rarely a summer that went by when we didn't spend some time visiting one another and sharing many a memory. As we became adolescents, we spent even more time together and over the years we have been fortunate enough to strengthen our friendship as adult women. Before we were born, our moms were similarly close and as far as we know, our grandmothers were loving sisters. And so now we offer the same to a fourth generation. Dakota and Elle spent some quality time with their cousin Hal while Doc and I caught up with Mandi and K.J. We were especially glad to spend the evening with cousin Scott whom we see far less of but thoroughly enjoy each encounter we have with him. Although our visit was short, I'm grateful for the time we had. I hope we're able to continue finding time for our families to be close and I hope that our kids do the same for their children and their cousins.

The Kids

The Boys

And The Girls

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