Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We hit the "Trash Pot"!

I absolutely LOVED this week's RAOK. This past weekend, our family plus one went to the lake to enjoy looking out different windows and spending our downtime some other way. We packed in all sorts of activities...fishing, boating, roasting marshmallows, watching movies, etc.

We also participated in our RAOK #5 and this one was for Mother Nature.

Doc was out fishing so the kids and I found some gloves, gathered some plastic bags and drove the golf cart up to the main road that takes us to our private drive. I gave the kids a few safety instructions (cars, poison ivy, etc.) and off we went on a treasure hunt to see who could find the most litter hanging out roadside. We had a separate bag for the recyclable items so that we could dispose of them separate from the garbage.

The kids absolutely loved this project! They were practically racing one another to see who could find an object first and who could fill their bag the highest. On multiple accounts they told me that "This is FUN!". And Miss Elle was insistent that part of our group cover one side of the road while the others checked the opposite side so as not to miss a single item.

We found lots and lots of beer cans and practically made a game out of seeing how many brand names we could locate. BTW, the kids had never seen a jumbo BUSCH Light can before (that may have been the only surprise)! Dakota was happy to find this Coke can that's been litter so long it's sun faded.

I'm so proud of my lil' clean up crew. All in all we spent $0.00, one hour of our time and filled 5 bags, gathered recyclables and taught the children (with a gentle reminder to myself) about the importance of giving back to Mother Earth and our community.

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