Monday, November 15, 2010


I'm a little late in reporting this RAOK. The latest act happened about 2 weeks ago. The story goes like this.

A couple days a week, I travel to downtown B.A. to participate in an early morning bootcamp workout session. And every morning, on my way home from the workout, I drive by an old auto service shop on the corner of Main St. There is an older gentleman who opens up shop and he regularly stands outside and offers me a friendly wave as I drive by. After months of sharing this exchange, I found myself honking and throwing a wave out my sunroof window in hopes that he catches my gesture. And he does. He will come running into the parking lot to recriprocate my wave with a smile and wave of his own. And he has no idea how much joy this brings me. Maybe it's his smile, his trot or perhaps it's the routine of the cxchange that I enjoy. Regardless, it makes me happy and gets my day started in such a pleasant manner.

So last Tuesday, I bought a dozen donuts and made a pit stop at the auto shop. I met Marvin. I told him how much I enjoy seeing him during my drive by. And though I'll probably never speak to him again, I found him offering up a wave and a smile on Thursday. He's reliable. He's friendly. And maybe he'll pass a little kindness someone else's way.

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