Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Thanksgiving with the Ogdens
This Thanksgiving season was spent with the Ogden bunch down in Quinton, Oklahoma. We had a wonderful weekend spending time with family and did a good deal of laughing which is pretty typical when we get around Jason's cousins.

Dakota & Rynda

Elle & Rynda

The Doctor Girls (Kara, Shara, Candice & Elle)

Doc fishin' at the pond. Brrrr.....

Papa Herman & Dakota - Aren't they handsome?

Dakota and cousin Paul. Paul is one of Dakota's favorite cousins because he picks on Dakota and wrestles around with him with tireless energy. They're pretty good buddies and there is irony in watching these two play considering the playful friendship that Paul and Jason had as children.

The outdoor picnic which is involuntary and brought on by the fact that it's quite difficult to cram upwards of 40 people in small country house. Thank goodness for the small children who don't take up too much space.

I like this picture. Cell phone technology has been adopted by all generations and in all geographic territories. It reminds me of a few Christmas' ago when we bought Granny Ogden a present and wrapped it in an old cell phone box. When she opened the package, she assumed that the box was representative of it's contents. She cast the box aside and told me thank you for the cell phone "It will come in real handy just as soon as Quinton gets those cell towers needed to work one of these things". I had to insist that she proceed with opening the gift, that it was in fact NOT a cell phone. They've since got towers...

Blake, Preston & Monica
(featured on a floral/velvet couch circa 1970)

Dakota's first school presentation in celebration of Thanksgiving. They spent the month learning about Indian and pilgrims. He was shocked and amazed to learn that he was an Indian too!

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Blake said...

Hey! I think that this is my 2 appearance on the doctor Family blog :) I'm moving up in the world! I love the involuntary picnic photo by the way, gotta love going to Grannys!