Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh Lucky Day

After being on a trip for 8 days, I decided to stay home with the kids on Friday and give them some dedicated attention. We had a lazy morning and then I packed our lunch for a picnic. We went to LaFortune park and spent several hours playing in the sun. I had such a good time with them and managed to capture much of their play on camera. They were such good kids and we literally took time to do most everything.

I have memories of being a child and sitting for extended periods of time gathering four leaf clovers. I'm not really sure of what my facination was but I recall my grandma and grandpa being amazed at my ability to spot one. Even nowadays I find myself stepping over a clover patch and wishing for 30 minutes to pick. During our visit to the park on Friday, I took some time to share this with my children. Amazingly...I found one. I asked Dakota to hold it while I adorned Elle with a weeded tiara and to my dismay, he discarded it! After all my preaching about how special they are and he simply tossed it to the ground so he could play with a stick. Talk about a short attention span! Four leaf clover or not, I was very lucky to have spent that time with my kiddos.

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Erika said...

I haven't looked for a 4 leaf clover in years! I'll definitely look for one next time!