Sunday, August 3, 2008


We are mourning the loss of our beloved cat, Bandit. I've had him for 14 years. I adopted him and his brother Buster from Animal Aid while I was still attending college at OU. Bandit has had a good life but recently battled feline lymphoma. It was time to say goodbye. He was losing a tremendous amount of weight and he couldn't digest his food. He was in decent spirits most of the time but he was also showing signs of discomfort certain times during the day. I was with him when he went and I'm happy to say that he went out purring. He was so sweet and loving and we'll think of him often and pray that kitty heaven is better than we know.

We'd been talking to the kids about how the cat was sick and that he may have to go be with Jesus soon. Dakota took this picture from his kid friendly digital camera (hence the quality issue) just a couple days ago and he said he did so because he wanted us to have a memory of him. Such a sweet boy.

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Erika said...

holy cow! poor bandit!!! I still remember when you brought them home! :(