Thursday, August 28, 2008

6 Random Things

1.) I have several needs for sleeping. First, I have to have significant bodily contact with husband. If it's really warm under the covers then our feet have to touch. If it's not so hot, I like to spoon or lay flat with his legs draped over me. I don't find it all uncomfortable to have a 200 lb. man's legs weighing me down. I think it gives me a sense of security. Second, I have to have my woobie touching my face or head. And yes, I do still have a woobie. I gave up sucking my thumb long ago but I still love the feel of the crocheted blanket that childhood caregiver, Ms. Miles made for me. And last, I like to have my cat curled up in the crook of my arm (the one opposite the side that husband is on). When I travel for business, I like to sleep in Marriott's Heavenly Bed because they give you six amazingly comfy pillows and I pack them around me to simulate having husband in bed with me. I simply do without the cat and the woobie.

2.) I stack papers. My kitchen never looks like it's really, really, fully clean. I don't like clutter in my kitchen. The only thing on the counters are a few small appliances and some picture frames, one dish towel and the hand soap. The rest is put away...all except the papers. I use the kitchen counter as the destination for opening the mail. I normally sort by junk, catalogs, bills, things to do, follow up on, etc., a pile for invitations to parties, announcements, etc. and then there is my Netflix movie pile. While the junk gets pitched in the trash receptacle, the remainder stays in piles. I sometimes stack them in one or two larger piles so I can dust the mail drop. It's depressing really.

3.) I bite and pull my cuticles. It's such a terrible habit but I can't help myself. And in order to keep from really tearing them, I house fingernail clippers in multiple locations so they're always close by. I have a pair in the bathroom, the kitchen junk drawer, my purse, the desk at my office. If I clip them just as soon as they're slightly detached from the finger, I keep from going completely insane.

4.) I can't concentrate and listen to music at the same time (except while driving). Even as an adolescent, I remember not being able to listen to music while I studied. And even though I have a lot of colleagues who can work at their desk with their iPods in their ears, I cannot handle so much as a jazz tune in the background. Internet radio is not my friend.

5.) I'm not ticklish except for on my forehead. Blow air or softly whisper on my forehead, I go hysterical. My son is ticklish on his forehead too. It must be genetic.

6.) I have a gift wrap, gift bag, tissue paper, greeting card and ribbon fetish. I have an entire closet dedicated to the collection of these items which I intend to use at the appropriate time. I think I got this from my mother. She used to work in a gift shop/floral shop and acquired an incredible skill for wrapping, bow making and floral arranging. Mine never look like hers but I love it anyway.

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Bon Bon Mom said...

I'm ticklish on the palms of my hands and so are my kids. Definitely genetic. ;)