Sunday, January 18, 2009

True or False?

What's your opinion? Is it true or false that the busiest people are also the most productive people? I'm hoping the answer is true. I'm busier than a worker bee and yet I relish the activity. I live in a constant state of over-doing and yet I don't seem to mind. So long as my body gets plenty of sleep, I'm content to push, and push, and push.

Take this weekend for example. I had a girls night at my parent's lake house on Friday evening. I made it home on Saturday with enough time to fit in a 30 minutes walk, laundry, house cleaning and even watched a bit of DVD'd American Idol before my family walked in the door. We then shared some great family time, more house stuff, book reading, etc. Today was just as action packed but with a HOA meeting tacked onto the evening. I even had my daughter in tow and she had a ball playing with the neighbor's baby and chatting away with the baby's momma.

And even now that the kids are fast asleep, I cannot decide if I should blog, Facebook, work or read my latest novel. Sometimes I wish for greater simplicity in life and sometimes I'm grateful for all the energy. Tonight, I feel alive and well!

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Erika said...

I agree, I'm pretty miserable when I'm bored... :)