Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It Takes Two

Does anyone remember my entry years ago about teaching Dakota to ride a bike? It appears that he and Elle are on different ends of the spectrum...as if anyone hadn't figured that out already. You see, Dakota can do anything but often chooses not too. He's intelligent and charming, coy and crafty (to get what he wants). He requires a push and then excels beyond belief. For her on the other hand, not everything comes easily. But damn, she has some gusto.

And this, my friends, is why she is riding a bike after only her second time on wheels! I'm so proud of my fighter. She was extremely frustrated on Sunday when I made her get outside and ride. She even kicked the bike a time or two and frankly, I had to stifle a snicker. Today...she asked to go practice. She didn't cry. She overcame.

She too can do anything and I have no doubt that she will. She will have to climb a mountain or two, but her view at the top will be beautiful.

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jillannfritts said...

That's sweet. Sounds like someone else I know.