Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dakota's 6 Year Update

Dear Friends and Family,

Oh, how time flies. I’ve had a fabulous year so far. I can’t believe I’m six years old. I don’t have any major stats to report (e.g. weight, height, etc.) because I didn’t have to do one of those well baby check ups like you do when you five years old or less. Suffice it to say that I’m still a feather weight at around 40 lbs. and I'm healthy and happy as can be.

So back to my fabulous year…I started Kindergarten which is amazing. I’m in Miss Smith’s class and I’m told she’s the best Kindergarten teacher in all of Westwood Elementary. Our school mascot is the Wranglers by the way.

I’ve learned to read and I’m broadening my vocabulary every day. I have some new friends but I’ve done a good job of keeping the old…Garrett and I still get together every month or so and Wyatt and I are buddies. Emma even came to my 6 year old birthday party!

I miss some of my friends from Allison’s but I’m meeting lots of new friends as well. Some of my friends are from my soccer team. I played Fall ball with Broken Arrow Soccer Club and I scored some goals this year as well!

This year was tons of fun. On Easter, I saw a real bunny in our back yard.

We joined a church this year, Northside Christian Church and I really enjoy my time there learning about Jesus. The summer months were full of tons of activities and water play and this fall has been packed full of trips to the pumpkin patch, trick-or-treating and more. Did I mention that I was a Ninja for Halloween?

The summer was especially great because I went with my family to Kara’s regional soccer tournament in Tampa, Florida. I got to play in the ocean got tons of sun. My favorite part was jumpin the waves (Oh, and Kara's friend Lauren who I have a minor crush on)! - Check out the wings on me...soon those will be super strong deltoids.

Oh, I almost forgot (how could I?). I went to my first ever OU games this year. Check it out!

Overall, life is good. I’m still a good boy and my teacher says she wishes all her kids were like me! Mom and Dad are proud and Elle is still my champion.

And here's a special note from his sister:


jacourcier said...

Hey Candice,

This is so much fun! Thank you for your link to your blog. If you can believe it, my little Molly is a senior at Memorial, and it's a super stressful time, keeping her on track, she's got major senior-i-tus. It's just great to keep in touch, and you look great! Love the longer hair! I've gone longer as well, and went back to my original dark color, everyone seems to like it except my Mom (go figure).

Please continue to keep in touch, and Happy Birthday to Dakota - watch for an email message to him that I think I scheduled to come to you tomorrow.

Very best wishes for a great Holiday Season!

taryntipsword said...

awe you all are soo cute! i love soccer too for socializing, you all are great luv ya talk soon!

erika said...

i can't believe it's already been 6 years...

Anonymous said...

Gammy says she loves reading about her #1 grandson. Seems like only yesterday we were all waiting for our new bundle of joy, and he's already 6 years old. We love you, Dakota.