Tuesday, September 2, 2008

One Less Monkey Jumping On the Bed

Exhibit A

Remember that song you used to sing as a kid? And perhaps you sang it while you jumped on the bed. Well my little monkey was jumping OFF of the bed onto a pile of pillows and blankets and had a bit of a rough landing. Her foot was immediately swollen, bruised and she didn't bare weight on it at all. It was so sad to see her crawling towards me.

So after 48 hours and still no walking on the foot, off we went to the emergency room. Please note that the ER is not a fun or expeditious experience on a holiday weekend. 4.5 hours later the doctor saw us.

The good news is that they say it's just a severe strain and that no bones are showing breakage. The bad news is that they also said that little ones have a lot of cartilage that sometimes makes it difficult for hairline fractures to be seen on an x-ray. So if she's not walking by next week, back we go for another foot photo session.

She's obviously very excited that all she got was an ACE bandage. And after listening to the male patient behind curtain #2 moan, yell "Oh my god", and talk about how his gauze was dripping with blood, she was very pleased that no blood was involved.
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