Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I'm trying to decide if random acts of kindness are only classified as such if the you give anonymously. I'm thinking yes but then again, some very basic things can be done at random to those you love and it's still considered kindness. I suppose the rules aren't important anyhow.

So today was a good day. First off, I elected to stop by the donut shop after my morning workout and get some donuts for the kids...a suprise breakfast if you will. This doesn't count. But, while I was there I bought donuts for the neighbor kids too. Hopefully that counts for something even though they know they came from me.

And tonight I prepared a gift bag of fall season goodies. I included a candle, some earmuffs, body wash and peppermint lotion. I also added a Happy Fall notecard addressed to my neighbor, any neighbor.

When Elle arrived home from soccer practice, I let her choose a random house of those who would receive today's RAOK. We went down the street, she delivered the bag and rang the door bell and took off! I caught a horrible, dark picture of her running away from the house and unfortunatley, the ones I captured of the homeowner at the door did not turn out. But boy did we have fun with our giving!

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