Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rhino the Dwarf Hamster

Dakota has been asking (for a while) about getting a new pet. He's mentioned a lizard, a snake, a dog, a fish and various types of rodents. So a few weeks ago we ventured to the pet store to see what we could find. It didn't take long for him to set his sights on a tiny dwarf hamster. He chose the one in the cage that was the most active. He liked how he raced on his wheel. And so, I introduce you to the newest member of our family. RHINO!
Naturally, the kids are having to sleep down the hall and close the door to the room that Rhino sleeps in (or not). It appears he's quite nocturnal AND active. But we like him. And we're gonna keep him. Unless of course we lose him like we did the other day. After 24 hours he finally found crouching down under the couch. Whew...I thought the cat had him for dinner!

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