Saturday, September 22, 2007

OU (62) vs. TU (21)

We had another great weekend of OU football. Hosted in our own back yard, the TU Hurricanes hosted the OU Sooners in last night's game. Our dear friends TG and Beau got us all tickets and we set out from their house just before kick off. TG was sporting some cute jeans and cowboys boots which she later regretted wearing (but she looked good). She teased Beau the whole way there for his scrunchy socks; to which he admitted that he's not "cool" and doesn't really care (Go Beau!).

Anyhow, along the way I encountered two different girls who I cheered with in middle school which was a complete blast from the past and frankly, I've held up okay over the past 20 years (all thinks considered). We had an excellent time with our friends and even met up with Doc's cousin Blake (who also wore cowboy boots that he later regretted wearing).

We rounded out the evening with a stop in at the Bearden home and saw the fabulous job they did at renovating their new home. It's brings me joy to see loved ones lives come together so nicely. What an excellent start to the weekend!

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