Sunday, September 30, 2007


Elle and I have had some good times together lately. She's by far my most demanding and needy child (but when compared to Dakota almost everyone would be). She's also very charming and funny and manages to make me laugh at every turn. Which is confusing when you consider that she's also very shy and often takes a while to warm to strangers. But my point (for this entry anyhow) is that surprisingly, she's also very a 3 year old kind of way.

Here you see her working on her latest watercolor/finger paint/stamping project. See what I mean? She's so creative that she's meshed three different art forms into one (ha!). I kept waiting for her to ask for some side walk chalk. Oh, and isn't her art smock adorable? My friend Tonya got it for her and it's monogrammed with her initials. You can get one of your own (plus other excellent gift ideas) at

I also took Elle to her first ever Disney on Ice - Princess Wishes. She was SO excited and said that Ariel was her favorite. She was a good girl and behaved the entire time. Her only need was popcorn which was fabulous because I expected to walk out with a $24 flashing toy and some $16 princess t-shirt just like the ones at Wal-Mart for $9.99. When she was ready to hold the drink instead of the popcorn, she got a little bossy. "Mom, listen to me!. You have the popcorn, and I'll have the drink now. Okay?". Well, okay my little princess. Anything your heart desires...

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