Saturday, April 5, 2008

Another Simple and Kind Gesture

As a follow up to my last entry, I wanted to comment on yet another act of kindness where the reaction surprised me.

Last week I mailed a hand written thank you note to this woman in accounting (Ms. X) who is responsible for processing all of the expense reports in the company. With all the travel I do (and there are some who travel WAY more than I), I felt it was important to tell her how much I appreciate the time she takes to process my reimbursements. I'm very aware of the tediousness of this task and frankly I'm not sure how a person could enjoy such a job. In fact, I'm not sure she does because she maintains a bit of scowl on her face most of the time. Regardless, I do appreciate her. And later that day I received an email from her boss telling me that I'd made Ms. X's day by sending that card and that Ms. X was really in need of a boost. She said it was a thoughtful thing to do. And once again, I was just doing what Momma always told me was the right thing to do. Momma knows best.

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