Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dakota's Soccer Injury

Notice the spot just above his temple. This happened after he was running to save the other team from scoring a goal. There was a lot of cut grass lying in mounds on the field and he tripped over some. His head crashed into the goal post and you could hear the "ping" from across the field. He lay motionless and I took off running. I just knew we were headed to the hospital. Once the coach and I got to him, we found him crying and alert. He ended up okay but it was SO scary. This happened just one week after he took a ball to the face. Poor kid.

The good news is that he saved the ball and kept the team from scoring. Way to go kid!
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And here is my social butterfly. She and this little girl played so well together. It helps keep her entertained while the boys play ball. Thank heavens for little girls.

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