Wednesday, April 9, 2008


YES! Dakota has learned how to tie his shoes. I kept telling him that it was important that he learn this skill during Kindergarten (I don't know why but it seemed like the appropriate time). It's my fault that he hadn't known before now because I didn't take the time to teach him. He would just take his shoes on and off but keep the laces tied the entire time. So yesterday morning I made him try. It didn't go well because he got whiny and said "I can't" which I hate. So I got frustrated and he cried. Reminds me a bit like the bike riding exercise.

But last night I made him try again just before sleep. I told him he had to try three times and then he could go to bed. By the second try, he was doing it on his own. And again this morning, success! He doesn't even need my coaching or assistance. I'm so proud that he tried and he's so proud of his accomplishment. It's amazing how a little confidence can make a child feel so strong.

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mandilittle said...

He is just the cutest!!

Erika said...

Big Congrats Dakota!!!