Friday, November 9, 2007


So, I was traveling for business and ended up in the northeastern part of Washington. Fall is a beautiful time of year to be traveling is this part of the country and the only sad part about it all is that I wasn't experiencing it with my husband. That said, I had to write just to note that this place is one of beauty and awe. The rolling hills, wheat covered grounds and green grasses were certainly pleasing to the eye. We even ventured into northern Idaho because we wanted to say we'd be there. Oddly enough, we stopped at the Northern Idaho Visitor's Center and picked up a few brochures that could serve as proof of our journeys.

In a phone call to my friend T.G. on the way through Idaho, she asked the question "Who in the hell goes to Idaho besides you?"... then she humbly admitted that her parents made a trek thru Idaho on an RV excursion. So...naturally I picked up an RV tour guide in the visitor's center because I though Betty and Tony would appreciate it. And you never know, Idaho may be the next Doctor family vacation destination. There is that one resort that we saw, Coeur de' Alene. Definitely worth a look see.

My point is, you'd be pleasantly surprised by Idaho. I'm sure they have wonderful potatoes (although I never saw any) but the truth is that their scenery is quite becoming. And if you make it to Moscow, Idaho, be sure to stop by Sangria Grill for a bite to eat. The menu is superb!

Ta ta for now.

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