Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oh Pirates

Fall soccer season is officially over. And I hate to admit it but I'm very pleased. The Pirates ended the season with one win. Sad, but true. Jason is pleased too...he spent most games royally flustered. As for myself, I enjoy the social aspect of it all. You see all types...the mean and loud mom who bites her fingernails every two seconds, the suburbia mom who applies make up for the 9:00 a.m. games and chases after other siblings in between video camcorder responsibilities, the quiet silent mom who's in the background so much that you wonder if she's in fact the other player's mom, and then there is the most colorful mom who is a native German married to a man who appears to be a sweet country boy (an OSU fan I might add). Oh, and then there's me.

The German and the suburban wife are my favorites. Friendly, non pretentious, talkative, willing to discipline, etc. Sometimes I think it's the other parents that make it worth the time running your arse all over God's creation to get your kids picked up from school, to practice, and home for dinner (or Sonic/McDonalds) before bedtime. Sure, the kids have fun. But they're not winning and they don't care about losing (except suburban mom's child) and they have no concept of all the Friday night and Saturday afternoon sacrifices the parents have made to get them there. Yeah, I'm selfish I guess. But who isn't really? Even those who claim that they'd not rather be anywhere but on the soccer field are lying. Other options include: napping, shopping, reading, exercising, car washing, spring get the idea. Life is so full already and then we add kid's hobbies into the mix. Oh Pirates. I guess I'll get in shape and do what I want when I'm 50. But god I love my little ones.

Speaking of which...I laid them in bed tonight and they were absolute giggle boxes. It was time for prayers and I told them to be silent. Dakota repeated me. Elle thought he said "Simon" so she starts playing

Elle: Simon says "Touch Your Nose" (laugh hard)

Dakota: I said "Silence!" (laugh harder)

Mom:'s time for prayers.

Elle: Simon says "Touch Your Eyes" (deep belly laughs from the bottom of her feet)

Dakota: Joins in the belly laughs

Mom: Can't help but belly laugh

Mom: Finally...a night-time prayer for Daddy's safe return home from work, for our family and friends, the gift of shelter and food to eat. And they insist on praying for our late dog Emmit who is racing on the clouds with Jesus. Gosh, they're precious.

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