Sunday, November 4, 2007

Doc's Birthday Present

For Doc's birthday, my mother and father gifted him with a guided fishing trip hosted by one of B.A.S.S. Master's greatest...Jeff Kriet. Jeff is an Oklahoma boy from Ardmore with a gift of finding prize winning bass on lakes all across the world. I had the pleasure of attending an all expense paid dinner (thanks to Jeff's manager) at one of Grand Lake's yacht clubs. After meeting the man, it's was evident that fishing is his passion and consequently, Jason would be privy to some of the best tricks and tips that money can buy.

At the age of five, Jeff knew he wanted to make his living as a fisherman. He pursued an economics degree from the University of Oklahoma (go Sooners!) and worked in the professional world long enough to save enough money that he could go on the pro circuit. Even after all these years and after many wins that amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money, Jeff is still a humble Oklahoma boy who is so giving of his time and talent that he donated this experience in the spirit of United Way fundraising. He is a husband and a father and admits that the most difficult part of his job is being away from his family (and the long hours on the road pulling a boat are equally challenging).

Doc's experience was one that comes along once in a lifetime. Jason was able to invite a friend, J.P., on the trip with him and when the day was done, the three of them (Jeff, Doc, J.P.) had hooked over 100 fish!

Many thanks to Jeff to donating his time to the worthy mission of the United Way and to my parents who knew that Jason would be ever grateful for such a positive experience. The only down side I can see is that Jason has reignited his passion and is in desperate need of a bass boat...whatever.

Jeff & J.P.

Pictured left to right - Doc, Fisherman 1, Jeff, Fisherman 2, J.P.

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