Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007

What a fun holiday! Jason and I went to a costume party at the Boone's residence along with our friend Sean. We were decorated up in our traditional 70's attire but I must say that I was impressed by some of the other costumes. You can check some of them out here (these people must have spent a small fortune!).

And the kids had a ball. I took them to my work for some festivities and then we trick-or-treated in the neighborhood. Elle was dressed as Ariel the mermaid and Dakota was a ninja. He requested the purchase of a ninja sword which stayed in the wagon most of the time because it was too burdensome to carry. I'm so glad to have pleased him with that purchase. :-)

Anyhow, Jason also had much fun (lol) carving this year's pumpkins. Dakota's was a bat hanging upside down in a cave and Elle's was a silly face (what else?).

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! Chat soon.

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