Friday, January 25, 2008

Craft Project

My friend Krystal started a monthly eNewsletter centered around craft projects you can do with your kids. I am really excited about it because it's rare that I have time to research ideas myself. Her first eNewsletter featured a Crayola project using old discarded broken crayons.
I tasked Elle with going up to the playroom to pick up all the broken crayons she could find.

Mind you, there were plenty because she like to test her physical strength by breaking them in half any time she can get her hands on them. The next step is to unwrap all of the paper from the crayons. While this sounds simple enough, it was actually a long and tedious project. Elle's patience quickly wained while Dakota remained my trooper and helped until the very end.

After peeling the paper, we loaded the naked crayons into muffin tins.

Then bake them on 250 degrees for about 15 minutes and the end result is these really cool multicolored funky shaped "crayons" you can use when coloring. The final product was so cool, Dakota ended up taking three of them to school as his "show and tell".

Thanks Krystal for sharing your talents with us. And if anyone else wants to sign up for her eNewsletter, you can email her.

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erika said...

this is on my things to do list as well... thankfully Kai likes markers more than crayons, so we don't have very many broken crayons yet...