Saturday, January 5, 2008

She Does Love a Sparkle

So, Nana Ellen bought Elle some glamour girl kit that includes all sort of make up and accessories and came complete with shimmery powder. Little miss independent took it upon herself to open the entire baggie of shimmery powder and then proceeded to adorn herself with the contents of the entire bag (not kidding)!
Below is a photo of her when I first discovered her. Notice that in both photos she has down cast eyes and refused to look at the camera. What you don't see is that she has it EVERYWHERE. It's in her hair, on her chest, ALL over her face and sprinkled here and there on her legs (she had taken her pants off).
The final picture is of my hands after just picking up the baggie to dispose of it. That's some powerful powder! There are some professional dancers out there that would kill for the contents of that glamour girl kit. :-)
Dakota helped vaccum the carpet and when he touched it, you could see the glittle fly.

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