Sunday, January 20, 2008

H. E. Double Hockey Sticks Begins

So why am I complaining? I do it to myself. I signed up as a volunteer on a Tulsa Area United Way Community Investments panel (on top of everything else) and now I've signed both children up for spring sports. I re-enrolled Dakota in spring soccer and I'm hoping 2008 is nothing like 2007. In 2007, we froze our arses off in 20 degree weather with negative degree winds and poor Dakota cried he was so cold. But fall soccer was such a positive memory that we're doing it all over again (only spring...and friggin' colder).

And Elle expressed some interest in dance lessons. So naturally, I did an impulse stop at the dance studio less than a mile from our home to inquire further. Only $135 later, I have a recital costume purchased as well as five week of classes pre-paid. But oh how beautiful she will be. The recital is May 31st if you want to come. Just let me know.

Did you know that my mother (Nana Ellen) was a professional ballerina with Tulsa Ballet Theater several (okay, many several) years ago. She danced for them for a short time before my father swept her off her feet and eloped with her after a few short days of courtship. But alas, they're in love...

More ballet and tap pics to come... and more freezing cold soccer pics to come as well. What the H.E. Double Hockey Sticks was I thinking?

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