Saturday, January 26, 2008

Elle's First Day of Dance Lessons

Today was her debut on the dance floor. Well, at least a traditional dance floor. Elle started tap and ballet and as you can see on her face above, she couldn't wait to get started. While I anticipated a bit of shyness and timid movements, she was quite comfortable and seemed to fit in nicely.

This photo was taken at home after class. She just can't seem to rid herself of the attire.

During class and working on her tap. Notice the flex in her foot! Not bad for a first day.

And here is our ballerina. She did quite well and made us proud. Her sweet brother walked up and gave her a hug afterwards.
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erika said...

freaking cute! I want to buy a ticket for the final show!!!

Chris said...

Great pics Candice.

Emily said...

This video was perfect for a Friday afternoon - her ballet form looks good, but she was clearly distracted by the girl in pigtails next to her while tapping!! ;-) Thanks for sharing!!!!

P.S. I've moved into the new house and will provide pictures soon... maybe I'll set up my own blog!!