Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day 4 of Vacation

Outlet Shopping & Sea World
Today was another full day. Jason departed early for a baseball game and the kids and I took our time getting ready and then set out for the San Marcos Outlet Mall. I was determined to get some "Me" time in on this trip. I'm not complaining, I mean I've thoroughly enjoyed the smiles I've seen on my kid's faces but I still wanted to do some shopping. San Marcos was about 50 minutes away so I had to be strategic with my shopping and unfortunately, I had to hurry because I needed to be back in time for Sea World. Up to this point, San Antonio traffic on HW 410 hadn't been light so I was even more so concerned with my timeline.

I successfully bought from Nike, Gymboree (which was a rip because they weren't that discounted), White House Black Market and L'Occitane. Then we went by the Food Court for some non fried food (thank God) and headed back to San Antonio. We made it back with about an hour to spare before Jason returned and we left again for Sea World.

Sea World was a blast and Shamu was impressive as always. The kids each got a stuffed dolphin and Dakota scored a light up sword. I got the greatest action picture of them on the Shamu roller coaster for a measly $12.99 (WHAT?!?!).

My camera's non action shot.

Beluga Whale & Girl

Seymour at the Cafe.

A child's reaction to the Sea Lions.

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