Monday, March 31, 2008

Mamma Sandy's 29th Birthday

Here's a picture of my mother-in-law on her 29th birthday! We had a nice gathering at the house with Jason's parents, sisters, my parents, grandma and our dear friend T.G. and her kiddos. Oh, and don't let me forget that Kara's friend Lauren and also her BOYFRIEND Gannon were here. Yep, you heard it. That sweet little baby that was born a short 13 years ago (almost 14) is officially dating. It's amazing how quickly I forget the joys of an adolescent crush. I keep asking her if he's a good kisser but she won't tell me. Doesn't a sister-in-law have a right to know?
I feel sorry for Kara's future husband. He will have two men to impress, her Dad and her middle aged brother. At least we hope he'll be middle aged by the time she marries...

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Erika said...

Kara is dating? I still remember when she was BORN! I FEEL OLD!!!