Saturday, March 8, 2008

Let it be.

Do you ever feel that there are some things not worth fighting over? Take this for example.
To school today, Elle wore cute pink stripped tights under a cute sweater dress to match. At the end of my work day, I stopped by Drysdales to pick up a western shirt for a kid's birthday because he's REALLY into western shirts. While I was at the store, I discovered a cute red t-shirt imprinted with sparkling text that reads "Untamed". Given Elle's demeanor, I found it to be an appropriate buy for my little girl. Untamed like a wild horse, and as beautiful and strong as one.
So, we get home and she insists on wearing the new shirt. And unfortunately, she also insists on wearing the tights instead of some other pants. And then she finds her dress up shoes (which she calls her clap-clap shoes because of the noise they make). And THEN, she finds her Disney princesses fanny pack. And she wore the whole ensemble parading around the house.
I won't say what Jason said, it's not appropriate. All I have to say least she's wearing panties.

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erika said...

that's definitely not a fight worth fighting, but definitely worth taking a picture of!