Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Home Owners Association

So I went to our 1st homeowners association meeting last night. Most of you know that my typical behavior is one of an extrovert and naturally I like to "get involved". But my life is so full that I wasn't certain about whether or not I'd volunteer to serve on the board. And I kid you not, less than two minutes into the meeting some ass from the back row (picture a late in life man with overalls, a trucker's hat, no hair and mildly obese) pipes up over the presenter and everyone else in the room stating that he cannot understand why we need a homeowners association! While the polite lady up front tried to education him on the purpose of such an incorporation, he continued to cut her off and rudely interject that it cannot cost that much damn money to upkeep the grass at the entryway. Clearly he wasn't getting it.

Meanwhile I was having flashbacks to my high schools days when I used to get in people's faces for being so openly ignorant. While everyone else in the church was smiling and bowing their heads to roll their eyes, I was getting puffed up. I was ready to tell that bonehead that he should have read his friggin' covenants when he bought his damn house because it clearly states that the subdivision would have a homeowners association (among other things that he was clearly unaware of). And of course he argued that he didn't ever receive a copy of the covenants even though we all know you have to sign the stupid thing when you close on a house.

So I didn't sign up for the board because I don't want to get in a fist fight with a 55+ year old man. I'm WAY too mature for that. ;-)

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erika said...

man, I was hoping to read a blow-by-blow account of how you whooped his ass!