Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BTW Spirit

We went to the East Central Cardinals vs. BTW game on Friday night. The Hornets spanked them but the best part of it all was seeing my kids experience a little Hornet spirit. Doc's little sis Kara is a freshman at BTW now and we couldn't be happier to see her going to our old school. She's made the varsity cross country team and of course she's playing soccer for the girl's team. Kara is a solid athlete, strong in academics and cute as a button. We're so very proud of her! And she is sweet enough to allow her niece and nephew hang with her and her friends in the student section. What a treat!

Dakota spent a lot of time on the fence line playing with his helicopter and watching the Hornet mascot run along the sidelines. He even got to spend some time on the field with his dad while Dad worked so hard at manning his post (yappin' with his fellow coaches).

The Hornet was in rare form, dancing and giving all of the kiddos high-five. Elle finally mustered the courage to speak to him. It was nice to be amongst the crowd and my only complaint is that the T Connection Band is just not what it used to be. Go Hornets!
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Erika said...

I still have problems reading about Kara in HIGH SCHOOL!!! :)