Sunday, September 7, 2008

Emily's Visit to T-Town

Seeing long time friends who have long since moved away is always a wonderful thing to find time for. I'm always amazed at how busy we all are and how much effort seems to be involved in making a simple phone call, sending an email, god forbid we mail a written letter and never mind that we hardly ever have time for a girls luncheon. But we did it when Emily Alice visited her hometown and we're very glad we did.

As you can tell from the photo, my daughter joined us on our outing. And it was sort of funny to me that my four year old asked to go when I told her that I was leaving to meet some of my girlfriends for lunch. "I'm a girl", was her response. She wanted to go bad and I was grateful that Emily and Tonya didn't mind her accompanying us on our date. We went for sushi which wasn't exactly a four year old choice but she eventually ate some of her chicken and oranges. The tofu in the miso soup and the fancy presentation of the main course was a bit overwhelming to say the least.

She brought her Dora the Explorer toy and Tonya was gracious enough to loan her the Power Ranger figurine from her purse. Elle was a champ and I was grateful to have her there. I look forward to sharing many more girly lunches with her in the years to come.

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