Sunday, September 21, 2008

Remember when...?

Do you remember the time when we were trying to teach Dakota how to ride a bike and it was a complete emotional disaster for both he and us? It was almost exactly one year ago today. Well, it's finally turned into success.
Dakota's been doing really well but mostly staying on the sidewalk and eventually began making the turn at the end of the sidewalk. He had been less inclined to venture into the street or make a U turn to get going another direction. Instead, he would bail off, turn the bike around and go again. He also has insisted that his dad or me help him get started. Despite our efforts to teach him how to start with the pedal upright and one foot on the curb, he still preferred a jump start.

Dakota's buddy Garrett came to spend the night and he brought his bike along with him. He said he would "teach" Dakota how to ride. Keep in mind that Garrett is 6 months younger than Dakota so I guess he wasn't too keen on having Garrett show him the ropes. Instead, he was off! He's starting himself and riding all over the place...making U turns and all. He's off the sidewalk and owning the rode. I couldn't be more grateful that the tears are gone and husband isn't having to carry him to the bike while he kicks and screams. Thanks Garrett!

He didn't believe us when we told him it would be fun once he learned how to ride. And now we can say "We told you so!". Now that's what I call success.

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Queen of the Tuttie Fruitties said...

Congrats!!!! Now you guys have to come over so Dakota can teach Bella ;0). Hope all is well.